Grounding Cat Buddha
and London's Chinatown

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2003, "Grounding Cat Buddha," Ink. This is Tanya's largest Buddha image. It was featured in her 2006 Spring Open Studios exhibit.

Tanya sketching a mural Bob and Tanya saw in London's Chinatown, 2005. Behind her is the busy and popular Gerrard St.

2005, Mural in London's Chinatown, Gerrard Pl. side. Tanya loves the simplification in these murals but Bob and Tanya could not find out who painted them. The other part of this mural is around the corner on Gerrard St.

2005, Mural in London's Chinatown, Gerrard St. side (painter unknown). Tanya sketched parts of both panels of this mural.

2005, Detail of mural in London's Chinatown, Gerrard St. side. In the Chinese zodiac, Tanya is an Ox. A child on the Ox's back, playing a flute, relaxes the mythic Ox, turning stubbornness into supple strength.

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