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Tanya with Bay Bridge Construction, 2009

Mar 12 ~ May 14

"Special Moments" at the Pinole Art Center.

Tanya has four paintings in this group exhibit. Hours are 10:30am ~ 4:30pm, Tuesday through Saturday. The gallery is staffed by hard working artists. Contact Tanya for days when she will be there. Call the gallery (510)724-2008 to check opening hours.

Open Studios 2009

It is time for Open Studios! After a two year break, Tanya is once again participating in Open Studios in 2009. Details here.

This and That

Tanya is in the process of expanding links to web sites for organizations she belongs to. Check out the following:

  • Go to the Alameda Island Poets web site, and then click on the "ALAMEDA ISLAND POETS" link.
  • Artists Embassy International sponsors a Dancing Poetry Festival every year. This link has two pictures of Tanya, one near the middle. The other is the next to last photo.
  • Here are two more pictures of Tanya at the Dancing Poetry Festival. See the third photo, and then keep scrolling for a group portrait including Tanya.

Check out the San Francisco Chronicle, where Tanya got a mention in this Leah Garchik column! Scroll on down to the "Public Eavesdropping" section.

In case you missed Tanya's San Francisco Open Studios in 2005, here are 27 pix, taken by Wayne Lambright.

The good folks at Event Creative chose Tanya's "Golden Gate Bridge from Twin Peaks" acrylic to grace their web site!

Tanya's poem "For Mary Burmeister" was placed prominently on the back cover of the latest issue of The Main Central, a national magazine for Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioners.

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