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ˇ Portrait of Dorothy Van Ghent Listening to Glenn Gould's Bach

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Portrait of Dorothy Van Ghent Listening to Glenn Gould's Bach

When they had left you
Brought you home
Left you
After they had gone
You sat against the night
With lilacs
Silver shining night
You sat against it
With the night
The frightening bliss
Of darkness
To the formed sounds
Of music
To the kabalistic
Gypsy playing
Music for the harpsichord.
How often since then
I stop at the sound
Of that music
Slips of paper
Untidy thoughts for poems
In the recesses of my clothes

As I go about household duties
Your gypsy music
On the radio
The kabalistic
Formed sounds
Bringing you to me
Like abacadabra over
Time and space

You sit
Against the undone
Greedy sky
Night silver shining lilacs
Smoke screen
Save our souls

Gypsy music
The gypsy
Always far from home
In the dark world
I met you.

They tell me
No one can draw you
Form you in words
As you were from day to day.
I hear of two harsh portraits
Read one
They had left you

Undone, greedy
Untidy slips of paper

In the recesses of my clothes
Portents of poems
Vague hopes
In pockets, tucked in waistbands
Waiting for the hope
You had in me
Like the leaves of houseplants
You untangled in the pale fragility
Of their births
Calling them out of their sheaths you
Tampered with nature.

"They needed calling to —"
You turned and looked at me
In that explanation
Who you were.

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