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Selected Solo Exhibitions
Selected Group Exhibitions
Youtube, Dance, Theater, TV
Selected Collectors

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San Francisco State University
San Francisco, CA
1963 ~ 1966
Advanced study in visual arts & literature
Studied with:
ˇ John Gardner, novelist
ˇ Wright Morris, novelist & photographer
ˇ Margery Livingston, weaver
ˇ Niel K. Snortum, folklorist & historical linguist
San Francisco Art Institute
San Francisco, CA
1960 ~ 1961
Studied with:
ˇ Manuel Neri, sculptor
ˇ James Weeks, painter
ˇ Richard Graf, printmaker
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT
1955 ~ 1959
B.A., English and Fine Arts
Studied with:
ˇ Francis Colburn, painter
ˇ Alan Gowans, art historian
ˇ Dorothy Van Ghent, critic
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI
Special study in painting
Studied with:
ˇ Hazel Paden, painter

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Selected Solo Exhibitions

2014 Poetic Oil Painting Contest
First and Third Prize in Dr. Kenneth Kuanling Fan's international Poetic Oil Painting Contest, held in San Francisco
2013 Masks of Wisdom
"Nile Dawn" diptych, created with Natica Angilly and Jacqueline Paull for Richard W. Angilly's poem "Masks of Wisdom", enlarged from Tanya Joyce's "Nile Dawn" watercolor. Presented at the Dancing Poetry Festival, California Palace of the Legion of Honor.
2006 From the City to the North Coast
Cafe Arrivederci, San Rafael, CA
2005 Medicine Buddha and Healing Images
Golden State Health, San Francisco, CA
2004 Tanya's Collectors
Paintings by Tanya Joyce from private collections. Emeryville, CA
1996 San Francisco Zen Center, San Francisco, CA
1995 First Unitarian Center, San Francisco, CA
1993 University of Wisconsin, Waukesha, WI
1993, 1997 Goat Hill Pizza Restaurant and Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1992 Diesel Books, Oakland, CA
1989 Stanford Art Spaces, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
1979 The Savoy, San Francisco, CA
1975 The Ames Gallery, Berkeley, CA
1975 Heritage House, Mendocino, CA
1971 Quigley Art Gallery, Western State College, Gunnison, CO
1970 Celebrity Centre, Los Angeles, CA
1970 The Lawson Galleries, San Francisco, CA
1969 The Fleming Museum, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
1967 The Lawson Galleries, San Francisco, CA
1959 The Fleming Museum, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
(Exhibit drew favorable comment from Jacques Lipchitz.)

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Selected Group Exhibitions

Ongoing Pinole Artisans Gallery
Pinole, CA
1985-2019 San Francisco Open Studios
San Francisco, CA
1993-2019 Spring Open Studio
Artists of Hunters Point Shipyard, San Francisco, CA
2019 Rokeby Museum, Ferrisburgh, VT
Mail art exhibit in conjunction with "Structures" exhibition
2007-2013 Featured artist: Art, Dance, and Poetry in Honor of Jack London's Birthday
Alameda Historical Museum, Alameda, CA
2010 First show in Building 101, HPS
First open studio in Building 101, Hunters Point Shipyard, after move from Building 110, where Tanya had her studio since 1984. New space has architect designed storage. Celebratory painting of Building 110 from Building 101 done.
2009 Pinole Artisans
First exhibition at Pinole Artisans, Pinole, California, where Tanya has shown environmental art as well as paintings, watercolors, and murals.
2008 Box Art Benefit
Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA
2005 Living in the Spirit of St. Francis Today
National Shrine of St. Francis Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2004-2005 Artists from Hunters Point Shipyard
The Studio, San Francisco, CA
2004 Art for Change
South Bay Artists for Kerry, San Jose, CA
2004 Visual Aid's 11th Annual Big Deal Art Sale and Benefit
SomArts Gallery, San Francisco, California
2004 Art as Possibility
848 Divisadero Performance Space, San Francisco, CA
1988-2009 Pro Arts Open Studios
Emeryville and Oakland, CA
1997 Affirming Women's Traditional Roles: Caregiver and Crone
Portland State University, Portland, OR
1996 Paper Plate Exhibition
Columbia College, Chicago, IL
1992, 1996 WCA Exhibit, Prieto Gallery
Mills College, Oakland, CA
1994-1995 12 Women Artists from HPS
Kennedy Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1994 Ten Years at the Point
Sally's, San Francisco, CA
1993 Ninth Annual Juried Exhibition
Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA
1988-1990 Artists from the Point
American Zephyr Gallery, Sally's, Goat Hill, San Francisco, CA
1985 The Artist as Shaman
Hatley-Martin Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1985 Book Art - Mail Art
Berlin, Germany
1985 Envelope Art Exhibition
Hyogo, Japan
1984 I Love/Hate Summer
Muse Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
1982-1983 The Art of Chivalry, traveling exhibit
University of Texas, Arlington
1980 Femailable Art
Muse Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
1979 Mary Tyler Moore Show
Work appeared on the television show
1978-1980 San Francisco MOMA Rental Gallery
Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA
1975, 1976 KQED Annual Invitational
Zellerbach Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1974 Women See Themselves
Women's Art Center, San Francisco, CA
1973 One Foot Exhibition
Women's Art Center, San Francisco, CA
1970-1972 Midwest Art
West of Chicago Gallery, DeKalb, IL
1970 The Renaissance Society
University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
1969 The Local Scene
deson zaks gallery, Chicago, IL
1968 West Coast Invitational
Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL
1964, 1965 SFSU Annual
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
Purchase Award, 1964

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Dance, Theater, TV

Tanya on Youtube Tanya Joyce Studio
Avebury Awaiting Painted cape costumes for Avebury Awaiting, Dancing Poetry Festival (California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco) and Rakkasah Middle Eastern Dance Festival (Concord, CA), 2017
In Case You Have Not Visited Before Grand Prize Poem, Dancing Poetry Festival, San Francisco, 2016. Poem also danced at World Congress of Poets, sponsored by United Poets Laureate International, Santa Rosa, CA.
Avebury Portable "Full Moon Banner" mural painted for Richard W. Angilly's Goddess of Avebury presented at the Dancing Poetry Festival, California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco.
Artistry Three portable "Plum Blossom on Red" panels created for Judy Davies' Grand Prize poem Artistry, Dancing Poetry Festival, San Francisco, 2014.
Artist's Statement Grand Prize Poem, Dancing Poetry Festival, California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, 2012. Poem also danced at Rakkassah East in NJ, and the Alameda Museum, Alameda, CA.
Buddha by the Bay B-TV 28, Berkeley Public Access Television, 30 minute interview, 2007
An Artist's Romance with San Francisco video, 2003
Cancer in Two Voices movie/video: first edition's book cover painting included
San Francisco television:
ˇ Buddha By The Bay ˇ shipyard artists and businesses at City Center
ˇ city and county candidates at the shipyard
ˇ federal drug refund program
Environmental Justice tour of Southeast San Francisco
Mary Tyler Moore Show, paintings shown

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Selected Collectors

  • N.W. Ayer Company, Chicago, IL
  • Walden Capitol Corporation, San Francisco, CA
  • University of Wisconsin, Waukesha, WI
  • National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC
  • San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
  • Columbia College of Book and Paper Arts, Chicago, IL
  • Mr. & Mrs. John W. Aldridge, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Mr. & Mr. Eric Allman and Kirk McKusick, Berkeley, CA
  • Prof. Sue Andrews and Ms. Cindy Weix, Waukesha, WI
  • Helena Foster, Oakland, CA
  • Nancy Gordon, Mill Valley, CA
  • Judge Glenn Groenewold, Alameda, CA
  • Dr. & Mrs. Howard Gurevitz, Hillsborough, CA
  • Anna Ruth Kipping, San Francisco, CA
  • Bonnie Milstein & Michele Magan, San Francisco, CA
  • Mrs. Philipp H. Lohman, Houston, TX
  • Dr. Georg Lohmann & Ms. Behnaz Madjidi, Bonn, Germany
  • Mr. Wes Muchmore, San Francisco, CA
  • Cathe Ray and Carl Smith, Alameda, CA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Peter Tancig, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Paul Wartelle & Maggie Donoghue, San Francisco, CA
  • Mark and Ruth Neiman, Coto de Caza, CA

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2000 Can You See It From The Moon, Cowden Automotive, San Francisco, CA. World's second largest interactive mural (the largest is the Sears Tower Skydeck mural in Chicago)
1996 Mt. Tamalpais from the East Bay, Residence, Orinda, CA
1987 Bob's Back Yard, mural and event produced by Paul Israel
1985 Eclectic Cookery, San Francisco, CA
1958 Allen House Foot Mural, Burlington, VT

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River of Stars, Poets of the Vinyard Anthology POV, Santa Rosa, CA. 2022

The Gathering 7-15 The Ina Coolbrith Circle, biennial publication, 2003-2022

Good and Bad Times in a San Francisco Neighborhood H. Arlo Nimmo [October Properties], "Memorial Piece for Mrs. Smith", 2016

Dreams of Pan, Russian Poems and Illustrations by Semion Mirkin
English Retellings by Tanya Joyce, 2014

Updrafts [California Federation of Chaparral Poets, 2007], poem

Benecia Historical Museum 2007 Poetry Competition: Love Poems Honoring an Early California Romance poem

Alameda Poems: an Anthology, 2004, 2005, 2006 two poems

Modern Muses Literary Award from Artists Embassy International for "Modern Muses" book and artworks

Tarot Haiku, Editor: Tanya Joyce [Small Poetry Press, 2007]

Celestial Animals, Tanya Joyce [Small Poetry Press, 2006]

A Sampler of Poems, Tanya Joyce [Small Poetry Press, 2005]

"Poet's Corner" monthly poetry column for Pinole Artisans

"Hopeful Monster" magazine, short story and illustration

"Wise Woman" magazine, articles on ancient figurines and Mother Buddhas with illustrations

Contemporary California Women Poets: An Anthology, edited by Jennifer MacDowell [Merlin Press, 1977], poem

"New Harmonium Gazette," arts articles, illustrations, poetry

"All Around the Tarot," articles on history of tarot images

"MacArthur Metro" monthly, articles on the Dimond and Laurel neighborhoods, Oakland, CA

Artists Embassy International Publications, inluding poems, essays, illustrations:

  • The Romance of Poetry and Dance, 2022
  • The Art of Awe IV, The Spoke Word Dances The Universe, [n.d.]
  • The Art of Awe III and the Power of Your Artists Journey, 2019
  • The Art of Awe II and the Power of Your Creative Spirit, 2017
  • The Art of Awe and the Power of Your Artists Statement, 2017
  • Essential Arts: The Dynamism of Moving Fusion, 2016
  • Rejuvination Anthology: 24th World Congress of Poets, 2016
  • Love Your Audience: Cause for Applause, Vol III, 2015
  • Art Sense, Dance Sensational, Sensual Essentials, 2015
  • Dynamism: What Makes Our Artistry Matter, 2015
  • Inspiration and Collaboration, 2014
  • Cause for Applause, 2012
  • Proclaim Your Fame, 2012

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Art and Technique, 2021
Zoom programs for ArtSeed and Pinole Artisans Foundation
The Importance of Place in California Art, 2017-2018
Two part series, Ina Coolbrith Circle, Lafayette, CA
Translating Vietnamese Poetry into English, 2016
Workshop with poet Le Pham Le, World Congress of Poets-UPLI, Rohnert Park, CA
Poet's Dinner, 2008
Contest Chair
Modern Language Association of America
Paper on Medieval poetry and art
International Congress on Medieval Studies
Papers and workshops on Medieval book production
Women's Caucus for Art National Conference
Paper on computerized access to museum collections
University of California at Berkeley
Paper on Medieval poetry and illuminations
San Francisco State University
Lectures on changing uses of English, in conjunction with
curated exhibition of modern and ancient manuscripts
Northern California Women's Caucus for Art
Slide Lecture
Berkeley Art Center
Slide Lecture
The California Club
Slide Lecture. Annual prose and poetry reading.
Women's City Club of San Francisco
Special programs on ancient female figurines, Hildegard of Bingen,
contemporary art, and ecology projects. Organizer and participant,
annual Epiphany poetry and prose readings.
Hunters Point Shipyard Art Salons
Participant and organizer
Ted Kipping's Botanical Potluck Series at Strybing Arboretum
Medieval plants, San Francisco gardens, prairie restoration
projects, and Walden Pond
Speech Arts Association of California
"Tour of an Artist's Studio" Presentation with Collages, Paintings, and Studio Tools
"John leCarre's London" Slide Lecture
"Walden Pond" Slide Lecture

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  • San Francisco State University
  • Northern Illinois University
  • Women's City Club of San Francisco
  • The California Club
  • Irreverent Grounds series at Sacred Grounds Coffee House
  • Pyramid Shadows series at Canessa and Bay Front Galleries
  • Works by Felecity Wallis & Gertrude Stein on Pacifica Radio
  • The Ina Coolbrith Circle
  • Speech Arts Association of California
  • Poetry Express
  • Salons for Wooing Our Imaginations

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Racine's Britannicus, Eric Vaughn translation, Folio One Publications
Eleven full page woodcut illustrations, printed at Auerhahn Press, San Francisco.
Limited edition of 300. (Credited to Tanya's birth name, Tanya Lohman.)
Sir Gawain
Illustration for The Art of Chivalry exhibit, University of Texas, Arlington
Oakland Museum
Comediennes film series
Northern Illinois University
Francis Christensensen Memorial Award bookplate
Victorian Alliance of San Francisco
Architectural heritage walking guide
Association for Computer Assisted Text Analysis
Labyrinth Theatre Club, Inc.
Letterhead, woodcuts for deluxe book publication
Costume design
Laidlaw textbooks
Illustration to accompany creative writing exercises
Spinsters Books, Inc.
Cover for Being Someone
Spinsters Books, Inc.
Cover for Cancer in Two Voices, first edition
Suzann Stahl
Cover for The Neon Buddha
Art House
Cover for Conversion Frontiers:
Military Bases & Other Opportunities for Artists
Live-Work: Form and Function, 4th ed.
Line Drawings
Cover for Noon Words/Palabras de Mediodia, poetry of Lucia Corpi
Holladay Paganism
Lunar/solar calendars goddess illustrations
Hunters Point Shipyard open houses and exhibits
"Hopeful Monster" and "Wise Woman" magazines
US Navy Environmental Newsletter
Hunters Point Shipyard, Logo
Businesses of Hunters Point Shipyard
Cover for Community Planning Workshop for the Arts

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San Francisco State University, English Department
Classes for first year students
University of Vermont
Fleming Museum Children's Art Program
University of Vermont, Adult Education Painting Studio
Substitute teaching for head of Art Department
DeYoung Museum Art School, San Francisco
Adult & Children's classes in painting, quilting, weaving, & macrame
Alameda Museum, Alameda, CA
Art and poetry workshops
Palo Alto Cultural Center
Children's classes in painting, drawing, collage, & mixed media
DeKalb, Illinois, Public School System
Middle school substitute teacher in English, art & music
Included classes for students with learning disabilities & retarded students
Developed computer spelling bee for middle school students
San Francisco private schools, including Hamlin and Brandeis
Middle school substitute teacher in English, science, & mathematics
Blue Teapot School of Chinese Influenced American Painting
Co-founder. Adults and children
Private classes in painting, drawing, & using computers
to write stories & poems.
Adults and children. San Francisco, CA; DeKalb, IL; and Burlington, VT
Unitarian Church School, Burlington, Vermont
Classes for children emphasizing ecology and world unity

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