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"Dreams of Pan"

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ˇ Artist's Statement
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ˇ Full Moon
ˇ Gas Station, Orange County
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ˇ My Computer Doesn't Like Poetry
ˇ Bill ~and~ Inland Mendocino

ˇ Portrait of Dorothy Van Ghent Listening to Glenn Gould's Bach

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Artist's Statement

I am a crazy quilt
A pattern of crackle glazes
Filled with electric charge
Behind spring flowers.
I am scraps of velvet, snippets
Of desire
Joined in ragged shapes
With feathery stitches
Edged in scallops
Fingering my life.
A painter who writes,
A writer who talks.
A talker who procrastinates.
A saunterer
Excited by flowers,
A reader
Excited by movies.
A lover of moonlight
Warm in the sunshine.
A poet who paints.
A painter who writes.
I am a wailing wall
With prayers
On scraps of paper
Stuck into crevices,
Hopes waiting
To take root
And bloom.

I am a scrapbooker
A lover of glue sticks
A snipper of snippets
A clipper of articles
A cutter of tape
And ribbon. I am a ribbon
Of star light. Once you catch me
What do you have?

I am a crazy quilt,
A painter of flowers,
Splasher of ink,
Chalker of hopscotch,
Maker of skeletons.

I am not here or there.
Not behind the tree,
Not playing hide and seek,
Out there
Going somewhere
Following scraps of paradise
I am
A crazy quilt.

"Artist's Statement" - Grand Prize, Dancing Poetry Contest, 2012
Dedicated to the fact that all people are creative individuals.

Dance for Artists Statement poem
Natica Angilly's Poetic Dance Theater Company performing Tanya's "Artist's Statement" at the Dancing Poetry Festival, held in the glorious California Palace of the Legion of Honor's Florence Gould Theater, San Francisco.
Photo by Judy Hardin Cheung

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