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Marina Village

In the Estuary
Small white sails
Against deep blue
In one lane of the water.

Opposite, container vessels
Make their ways
Slower than snails
Careful of the tiny sails
Orange and yellow rectangles
Stowed on decks
Higher than I could pile
Clean dishes on my mother's
Slate drain board years ago.

The scene is dignity the way it moves.
I sit at my desk overlooking it

Just before noise erupts
Inside and out.

"Look, look! How big they are!" I hear nearby.
Outside, small taps grow to insistent pounding.

On the slate ledge hail bounces close enough
I watch each sphere hit, jump, lie quiet, and melt.

When the hail melts and runs down
Our building wall,
It seeps across the lawn
Where some of us play croquet
And joins the Estuary flow
Of small white sails and vast container ships Vast orange and yellow rectangles
Moving toward the sea
Beyond the Golden Gate.

"Marina Village" - Judges Choice, Alameda Literati Book Faire, 2004

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