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Alameda Lilacs

How many times I drove through the tunnel
Turning toward Marina Village
On my way to work,

Passing the bush
The tough, special bush
Behind one of the old Egyptian Revival
Ventilation towers over the tunnel.

I sniffed the air
If blossoms were out.
Could I smell fragrance
From the bush?

At noon I walked over there.
Spring was green in places,
Even there behind the ventilation tower.

Made bold by the fragrance,
I approached the plant
And picked a cluster of flowers.

Back in the office
Roseanne said, "Lilacs don't smell
Here in California."
But they were spreading fragrance
In a cup on my desk.

The magic of my childhood,
The summer moon,
Roseanne's smiling memories
All caught in pale lavender
Alameda lilacs.

Published in "Alameda Poems: An Anthology, 2004"

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