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Tanya with Bay Bridge Construction, 2009

Oct 17 2010:

New Building, New Studio!

Tanya has moved her studio within Hunters Point Shipyard to Building 101, Studio 1513, on the first floor directly below the Gallery many of you know from the annual fall auction.

Tanya Joyce
Bldg. 101, Studio 1513
Hunters Point Shipyard
S.F. Open Studios Weekend
Sat and Sun, Oct 30-31
11am to 6pm

Tanya's new space in Building 101 is across the parking lot from her old building. The studio has north light, a taller ceiling, and a simpler and larger display area. Check it out the last weekend of October at Open Studios!

Click here for details.

The day after Open Studios, on Monday Nov 1, Tanya will be giving an evening presentation on "Flower Secrets for the Magic Season of Radiant Darkness" at Cafe Arrivederci in San Rafael.

Two of Tanya's poems were awarded a First Prize and a Third Prize at the Dancing Poetry Festival in September. The contest is sponsored by Artists Embassy International every year.

New York linguistic innovator and 21st century Nabi, Enrique Enriquez, invited Tanya to be part of his internet Conversations series. The resulting Conversation is now up on Enrique's website. Other participants on the series include Rachel Pollack, who has visited The Thursday Night Tarot, and Mary Greer, who is credited with special assistance in production of The Thursday Night Tarot book. You can read Enrique's conversation with Tanya here. Conversations with many other fascinating, well known thinkers, such as Robert M. Place, are also part of this series.

On Saturday November 6, 2-5pm, Tanya will be holding a class at the Pinole Art Center, on Carving Out Creative Time. Send email to tanya@tanyajoyce.com if you are interested.

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