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Lion Dog from 'Celestial Animals'

Apr 15 2007:

Tanya Joyce will not be participating in open studios this year either in San Francisco or the East Bay. She is on sabbatical finishing two books and a video.

"You mean we won't be able to see anything you're doing for a year?" The first comments came back with this question. Here are a few answers.

There will be plenty of chances to see what's going on.


Anyone who would like to visit Tanya's San Francisco or Emeryville studio can do so simply by emailing or calling (415) 822-8839 to set up a time. Currently on the drawing boards are:

  • A view of construction on the new East Bay section of the Bay Bridge
  • A circle of seasons surrounded by trefoil designs as shown on The Fool's garments in some tarot decks
  • Buddhas with suns and moons
  • Views of the Pink Triangle displayed on Twin Peaks during Pride Week
  • 2D and 3D folkart-inspired paintings on cardboard and wood


    1. On April 10, the book "Tarot Haiku" went to the publisher . It is a collection of haiku and short poems written by members of The Thursday Night Tarot in response to images from tarot cards. Tanya edited this book and has poems in it.

    2. On WEDNESDAY JUNE 6 at the Alameda Public Library from 7-9 pm there will be a reading from this book. All are welcome.

    3. Tanya has 7 poems included in the anthology "Alameda Island Theme Poems: 2004, 2005, 2006," available at Wilmot's Books, The Frank Bette Center, and other Alameda locations.

    4. She will have a poem included in an anthology from the Benecia Historical Society this summer. Stay turned for specifics.

    5. Tanya's second book, "The Long and the Short of It," is, as they say, under construction. It gives an even broader view of Tanya's poetry than has been published up to now and will be out this coming fall or winter. It will have some prose, too.


    The video that Tanya and Dena Aronson produced in 2003 will be available for general distribution later this year. There are amazing technical variations needed to fulfill Tanya's desire to have copies that will play on just about any computer or DVD player in the U.S. and/or in England. Plus a spiffy new cover and some text inside that will actually be in a readable point size!!!!

    Happy Spring!! Tanya Joyce

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